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I have been involved in photography since the 1970’s, beginning with a Kodak camera, possibly a Starflash or a Starmite. The camera used 126 film and single-use flashbulbs. I still have two rolls of film shot with it, and my parents have more still.

I shoot many styles, and am equipped to handle most types of photography.

Photography Capabilities

I primarily shoot on the Pentax K-1 dSLR.  This is a full-frame 36MP camera body. This camera gives me fantastic flexibility, and a range of lenses dating from brand new back to the 1950’s.
I can also shoot on several different film cameras.  I can shoot on 35mm film with a Pentax Z-1p SLR, which has full lens interchangeability with my K-1. Due to the lens-compatibility, I can shoot anything on either 35mm film or digital.

Speciality Items

I can also shoot 35mm film on a Canon Pellix QL, which was among the first cameras with TTL (Through The Lens) light metering.  I have a limited selection of lenses for this camera.
My Super Ricohflex 6×6 medium-format TLR and a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye let me shoot “retro” medium-format films.
Specialty gear allows me to shoot enormous panoramas as well as “shift” or “tilt” photography.

Black & White

When I shoot 35mm Black & White film, I develop the film myself and scan it.  If the client desires, I can arrange to use darkroom space and print by hand.  This has some “cool” factor to it, but I prefer to handle printing digitally, as it gives me significantly greater control over the final product.  Hand darkroom print, and hand development of Black & White films incur extra costs.
I use Ilford and Kodak films chosen for the conditions of the shoot.

Photography Lighting

I am equipped with continuous and speedlight-based gear to suit most any situations. I am also comfortable working with natural lighting.  Softboxes, umbrellas, backdrops, tripods and cameras are all portable, so I can come to you. With up to three continuous and six speedlight-based light sources, I have a lot of room for creativity.

Studio Space

I do not have my own studio space, but I have several professional studio spaces I can rent. Due to my setup being entirely portable, coming to your home or office, or meeting you at a location you have permission to use, are all possibilities.

Photography Categories

Follow the links below to see examples of various photographic styles.  These photos are all my own work.
Some photos represent multiple styles; those appear on the pages for multiple styles.
These links are all available from the menu at the top of the page as well, so you do not have to come back to this page to see another style.  Click the image you wish to view, and it will be directly displayed by your browser.  Use your “back” button, or the appropriate button on your mouse to get back to the site.

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