Acting section of the site is live.

Acting Classes and More

I’ve been busy for a while taking classes and working on acting the business end of things. The website has not been top priority.

I’m in a “Start Your Own Business” course from the LEO (Local Enterprise Office) here in Dublin. I’m finding it quite informative.

I took a “Stage Combat Masterclass” at the Gaiety School of Acting.  This is another “screen intensive” acting class, this time with the Irish Film Academy, and I’m doing some voice work with Helena Walsh, which is an ongoing thing.

Hopefully I’ll be adding some e-Commerce items to the site soon, such as the ability to buy prints from me directly, and to book shoots for photography.

New Business Cards

I’ve also received by new business cards.  If you know of places where it would make sense to leave some, please tell me.

Please check out the new page here.

Self Portrait

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