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At Tara

I’ve made a contribution to a project on HitRecord. It is not my first. This was reading a short piece about Ireland. Since I just got a new computer, and got my home studio kit set back up with it, it came at a good time to test the setup, and to do something creative in the middle of lockdown. Since the subject is Ireland, one that I love, I thought it only fitting that I should give it a bash. It’s the most creative thing that I’ve done since March, that wasn’t directly related to my “day job” in IT.

If you have a listen, you should be able to leave me comments on HitRecord if you’re a member. Alternately, contact me via the website here, or my Facebook page.

Here is a link to the “record” https://hitrecord.org/records/5049159

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I star as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

I will be playing Ebenezer Scrooge in a student production of A Christmas Carol, on the 8th of Februrary 2020 at 8pm.

This student production is for the diploma and performance courses that I’m taking with StageScreen Classes, led by Conor Armstrong Sanfey.

The best way to get tickets is to contact StageScreen Classes directly. Contact details are in the poster image.
The Sean O’Casey Theatre is at the Sean O’Casey Community Centre in East Wall, Dublin 3. It’s easy to get to via the LUAS, and likely by bus as well. The address is:
SEÁN O’CASEY COMMUNITY CENTRE, 18-26 St Mary’s Rd, NORTH, East Wall, Dublin, D03 AY74
Click here for a Google Maps link.

Come see the play, it should be great fun!

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Callback for an ad campaign

A casting director asked me in to audition for a part a few days ago. The part is for a beverage company’s ad campaign.

Yesterday I skipped my lunch at work to go in and see them

Shortly after coming in the door tonight, an e-mail arrived informing me that they want to see me back tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck!

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“Faith” – Shooting on Saturday

Principal Photography for the short film Faith is this Saturday!

Rehearsals for Faith have gone well, and we’re shooting on Saturday in Bray.

I’m looking forward to getting into costume on-set to move from rehearsal & blocking to performance!

My co-star and I were truly able to get into our characters and explore them!

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Acting section of the site is live.

Acting Classes and More

I’ve been busy for a while taking classes and working on acting the business end of things. The website has not been top priority.

I’m in a “Start Your Own Business” course from the LEO (Local Enterprise Office) here in Dublin. I’m finding it quite informative.

I took a “Stage Combat Masterclass” at the Gaiety School of Acting.  This is another “screen intensive” acting class, this time with the Irish Film Academy, and I’m doing some voice work with Helena Walsh, which is an ongoing thing.

Hopefully I’ll be adding some e-Commerce items to the site soon, such as the ability to buy prints from me directly, and to book shoots for photography.

New Business Cards

I’ve also received by new business cards.  If you know of places where it would make sense to leave some, please tell me.

Please check out the new page here.

Self Portrait

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