The Hitmen World Premiere

Movie Poaster - The Hitmen

Movie Poaster - The HitmenLast year I was a background player in a film for The Dreamfactory Productions called “The Hitmen”

You might recall that I posted about it, and posted the official “making of” vignette for the film.

The premiere is set for the 22nd of January 2023 at The Sugar Club in Dublin. For tickets, head over to The Sugar Club’s ticket site!

I hope to see you there! It’s a black-tie affair, so no tie-dye t-shirts!

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Short Film “This Christmas” Released

A short film titled “This Christmas” shot in mid-December 2019 has been released on YouTube.


Devlin O’Brien

Ingrid Ni Igoe

Gareth Daly

Todd M. Hebert (You might know who this is if you’re here)

Written & Directed by Anthony O’Reilly Jr. of The Dream Factory Productions

Produced by Nicola Molloy

Directory of Photography: Craig Johnston

Make up: Sarah Fox

Original Music by Caela Murphy

Edited by Craig Johnston

It’s a heart-wrenching little story shot in mid December of 2019, with a few to being released for the 2020 Christmas Season.

I enjoyed making this one. My character was a far cry from the evil one I played in the short film “The Cull” (which is linked to from my “Acting” page)

In typical fashion, my last name is again misspelled in the credits. Sometimes I wonder if I should just change my “stage name” to match the way everyone misspells it.

I enjoyed shooting this film. The entire shoot was very different than others I’ve done. We didn’t have any studio sets, it was on location.

See “This Christmas” here: