Short Film “This Christmas” Released

A short film titled “This Christmas” shot in mid-December 2019 has been released on YouTube.


Devlin O’Brien

Ingrid Ni Igoe

Gareth Daly

Todd M. Hebert (You might know who this is if you’re here)

Written & Directed by Anthony O’Reilly Jr. of The Dream Factory Productions

Produced by Nicola Molloy

Directory of Photography: Craig Johnston

Make up: Sarah Fox

Original Music by Caela Murphy

Edited by Craig Johnston

It’s a heart-wrenching little story shot in mid December of 2019, with a few to being released for the 2020 Christmas Season.

I enjoyed making this one. My character was a far cry from the evil one I played in the short film “The Cull” (which is linked to from my “Acting” page)

In typical fashion, my last name is again misspelled in the credits. Sometimes I wonder if I should just change my “stage name” to match the way everyone misspells it.

I enjoyed shooting this film. The entire shoot was very different than others I’ve done. We didn’t have any studio sets, it was on location.

See “This Christmas” here: