My Very First “Making Of…” Vignette… The Hitmen

Movie Poaster - The Hitmen

The Dreamfactory Productions has released a behind-the-scenes vignette titled “The Making of The Hitmen” on YouTube. Of course, you get to see me. I look like a serious chubby mountain of a man in this one!

We had a great time on-set, and in all the zoom rehearsals beforehand. The amount of rehearsal we did was easily more than any previous production I’ve worked on. We were well ready to shoot by the time we could finally all be in the same place at the same time. I met some interesting people. I think we’re going to appreciate all the work that went into this from all the cast & crew when the final product is released! I worked with The Dreamfactory Productions, the director: Anthony, the producer: Nicola et al.. on “This Christmas” previously. It was great to work with them again. This was my first time working on a subsequent project with a production house.

I look forward to the premiere of the finished product! I’ll be sure to post about it when it comes out. I think the plan is to submit to the film festival circuit, so the premiere might be well before it’s available online anywhere.

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Callback for an ad campaign

A casting director asked me in to audition for a part a few days ago. The part is for a beverage company’s ad campaign.

Yesterday I skipped my lunch at work to go in and see them

Shortly after coming in the door tonight, an e-mail arrived informing me that they want to see me back tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck!

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