Official Production Stills Photographer – Former Glory film – Todd M. Hebert Photography

I am the Official Production Stills photographer for the short film: Former Glory!

The production team for the short film Former Glory named me Official Production Stills Photographer, and I’m honored to have this opportunity

Information about the film is available here:

I’m looking forward to working with the cast and crew on this project. Two of the cast members are also friends of mine.

About the Film

‘Former Glory’ is a gritty war short based on Irish war stories adapted for the screen. Set in the woodlands of Ireland, the film is based on true events. The story follows a unit of Irish soldiers in great difficulty; facing huge enemy numbers and falling short on soldiers and supplies. It is about hardship, war, and most of all, loss.

Stills: The cast of Former Glory

The cast of Former Glory: Stephen Doring, Aidan O’Sullivan, James Patrick Ward, Steve Kendall, James Eastlake and Thomas Connors.